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Columbus, OH
$75 / hour
I?m excited to be your tutor! I want to tell you a little bit about myself before we begin working together. I?m originally from Columbus, OH. I?m a Doctoral Teaching Fellow at Ball State University. Prior to beginning my fellowship, I was a teacher and a counselor for nine years at a public...
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Lindale, TX
$40 / hour
I am a proud graduate from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. Degree in Christian Studies. My favorite subject is math. Previously, I was an AVID tutor at a high school for about a year. In addition, I majored in math when I was enrolled in junior college. I do possess patience in dealing...
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Chicago, IL
Learning should be an expression of self-confidence as well as working with one’s brain to best apply skills and information. There are many subjects I love helping students learn in include: ACT Reading, ACT Science, and Spanish...
In-person + Online
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Chicago, IL
$60 / hour
Hello students & parents! I am a certified teacher, and I have worked for the past 5 years as a teacher and tutor for grammar, English, literature, and writing. I have helped students prepare for the ACT, SAT, and college applications. I also work with students on class work including research...
In-person + Online
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Brooklyn, NY
$100 / hour
I am a Math for America Master Teaching Fellow, who has been teaching in New York City High Schools for 14 years. I have helped students of all levels achieve their learning goals, and learn to love math. I have been tutoring students in math since I was in college, volunteering to help...
In-person + Online
View Dustin S. Profile
Fargo, ND
Tutoring helped me succeed in my academic life, so I love being able to provide this experience to others now as a tutor myself. Subjects I tutor are as follows: ACT Reading, Algebra 1, and Civil Engineering...
In-person + Online
View Ashley R. Profile
Lexington, KY
$35 / hour
I'm Seth and I have a BA in English from Centre College. I have experience tutoring in writing, English, Language Arts, the ACT, and all elementary subjects. I have a lot of patience, which is great for younger students and those who get easily frustrated. My goal is to make students more...
In-person + Online
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Potomac, MD
$50 / hour
I have been teaching English for over 10 years and I have enjoyed every second. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a student - be them a child or adult - have that aha moment; finally get it, finally feel like they are in the flow. I believe that we only grow and improve when we are...
In-person + Online
View Brikena K. Profile
Portland, OR
I am recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a passion for education and experience in multiple teaching arrangements as both a student and an instructor. Subjects I tutor students include the following: Reading, Writing, ACT Reading, and Literature...
In-person + Online
View Charles D. Profile
Springfield, MO
$35 / hour
I have always enjoyed teaching others. By the time I was in second grade, I was reading books to kindergarteners and helping them take reading tests. As young as 11, fellow students would come to me for help in class. It grew and grew until I had a full-fledged business going by the time I...
View Emily S. Profile
Chevy Chase, MD
$45 / hour
I'm a tutor and teacher with three years of teaching experience. After earning my BS in Biology with a minor in Drama from the University of Dallas, I spent one year teaching high school Chemistry and middle school science with a homeschool co-op in Irving, Texas. When I moved to DC two years...
In-person + Online
View Emily M. Profile
Long Beach, CA
I am an Ecology and English double major at the University of Denver. I have experience tutoring since I helped tutor students at my mother's elementary school, but I also tutored upper grades as part of a program at my high school. I am most passion...
In-person + Online
View Carissa C. Profile
Tucson, AZ
$40 / hour
Prior to WyzAnt I was an online tutor at Chegg. I love to learn. I have a broad base of subjects I feel comfortable tutoring, but not because I have dissertations and awards in these fields. It's more fun and effective to show people how to learn something than to tutor with the attitude of, "I...
In-person + Online
View Zander T. Profile
Fairfax Station, VA
$55 / hour
Hello, I am a University of Virginia graduate with over 15 years experience teaching and tutoring. I majored in Biochemistry and Neuroscience, and I have taught and tutored in subjects as varied as Math (from all levels up to Multi-variable calculus/Linear Algebra), Chemistry (Organic,...
In-person + Online
View Syed Q. Profile
Durham, NC
I am currently a high school Latin teacher, but I have co-taught all levels of high school English, as well as Math I and II. I have also taught College Prep, which includes not only SAT and ACT prep but also coaching for college admissions essays...
In-person + Online
View Elizabeth D. Profile
Baton Rouge, LA
$40 / hour
I have been tutoring all ages since I was in middle school. I was also a tutor at Baton Rouge Community College in English, Writing, & Study skills when I attended there. I am a senior currently at Southern University with a major in English Secondary Education and I cannot wait to start...
View Firahiwot B. Profile
Irving, TX
$40 / hour
Hello, my name is Vidya! (Vid-ee-ya) I have a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology as well as an interdisciplinary certificate in Social Inequality, Health and Policy, with a focus on public health. During college, I also discovered a passion for classical (Greco-Roman) mythology...
In-person + Online
View Vidya B. Profile
Alma, AR
As the oldest of 4 children, my siblings and I grew up on a small farm in Alma, Arkansas. Growing up, I was inspired to pursue medicine after watching my mother’s journey from a small-town accountant to a family medicine physician. I accepted a full...
In-person + Online
View Malena O. Profile
New York, NY
$100 / hour
I have 18 years experience teaching reading and writing. I specialize in techniques developed through extensive research and field testing. I can relate to students while motivating them to work hard, using a combination of proven fundamentals and cutting-edge skills. I have a variety of teaching...
In-person + Online
View David L. Profile
Asheville, NC
$40 / hour
I am currently a high school math teacher teaching Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. I love working with students of all ages and on a variety of subjects. I have been lucky enough to travel and teach many diverse topics in many different places. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison...
In-person + Online
View Michael L. Profile
New York, NY
There are few things as rewarding as learning; helping students feel the same way is one of my main focuses. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to know who my learners are, what kinds of knowledge and experience they bring to the table, and what t...
In-person + Online
View Sara C. Profile
Arlington, TX
$32 / hour
I'm currently a graduate student working on my PhD at UT Arlington. I have a BS and MS in Chemistry and I also spent a year and a half teaching undergraduate chemistry at various colleges in Houston. I've also spent some time as a math and chemistry tutor in the past 3 years. I would also...
View Wasiu L. Profile
Albany, NY
$39 / hour
I am a graduate of the University of Chicago where I studied philosophy as well as premed while in Chicago. I also have a degree from Northwestern University in Secondary Science as well as a masters in adolescent education from the College of Saint Rose. I am currently completing my PhD in...
In-person + Online
View David E. Profile
Dexter, OR
I am working toward a BFA in Graphic Design and before transferring colleges was in the Honors program. I teach Math, Test Prep, English, Writing, and Graphic Design and it’s hard for me to decide on a favorite subject to tutor because for me, tutori...
In-person + Online
View Tiffany B. Profile
Florence, SC
$30 / hour
I have been teaching Middle School English for over ten years. I have been tutoring for three years in Elementary to Middle School Math and English. I maintain a current South Carolina teaching certificate. I enjoy working with students from Elementary through Middle School, and am very...
In-person + Online
View Virginia G. Profile
Greenbrae, CA
$110 / hour
Hi! I graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University with a 3.8 GPA and a BA in Biology in 1987. Since then I've gained more than 25 years of experience as a tutor, teacher, writer, editor, and developer of educational content, including how to approach the SAT and ACT. I have taught...
In-person + Online
View Chris D. Profile
Orlando, FL
As a teacher, it is important to make sure you aren't simply stating the answers. The most important part of learning is developing a link from a question to the correct answer, a path the student can follow on their own terms to reach the correct an...
In-person + Online
View Whitley M. Profile
Ann Arbor, MI
$40 / hour
*FREE CONSULTATION* I encourage all interested students and parents to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation regarding my tutoring services. I develop individualized tutoring and study plans for all of my students to provide them with the exact instruction that they need. Scheduling a...
In-person + Online
View Alexandra N. Profile
Brookline, MA
$42 / hour
For over 8 years I've worked with students learning English as a second language. I spent my first year of teaching in Costa Rica where I traveled to different businesses to teach business English skills and I also taught English at a private university. The other 7 years I've had the pleasure of...
In-person + Online
View Scott D. Profile
Seattle, WA
My experience receiving help from tutors has helped shape the way I think and approach problems as well as given me confidence in working towards my goals. I hope to give back by providing my students with a positive, encouraging, and engaging tutor...
In-person + Online
View Nikitha M. Profile

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