Top Five Guys You Will Meet at the University Gym

By Charlotte Gibson on November 22, 2012

Recently, I have become a gym maniac.  Every quarter, I find myself intrigued with the idea of becoming a super-fit, super-healthy college student, thus my quarterly workout crazes and my gym mania.  This fall quarter, my workout madness sprouted right in the middle of the quarter, giving myself enough time to improve my muscle tone before the holiday season and enough time to scout out my winter crush.  My initial gym mania stems from my drive for “perfection;” however, most of the time, I get distracted at the gym by the male, college-student specimens.  As a result, I immediately become curious about how my dating life could either benefit or suffer by spending numerous hours a quarter at the gym.

So after a few weeks of solid research, I have compiled the “Top Five Guys You Will Meet at the University Gym.”  This brief compilation is definitely up for debate and can be swayed depending on the day of the week, month, etc., but for the most part, I would like to think it is a pretty, accurate portrayal of the types of men that a single, college girl could meet at the university gym.


1) The Bro

The name says it all.  The Bro is a “brother,” but most importantly, he is a brother to a few hundred guys who associate themselves with a fraternity.  From the Sperry Topsiders to the “Bro” tank, this type of guy usually spends his time at the gym listening to Drake and staring at himself in the mirror.  If it isn’t obvious from his shoe choice and apparel, he usually is not too keen on actually working out, but he is rather intrigued by the idea that sorority girls and other “babes” will be roaming the gym floor in tiny clothing.

For the most part, the Bro is not a potential suitor simply because of the fact that he is a master of looking good and talking to women, while putting in as little of effort as possible.  His game is constructed upon his naturally buff physique, frat style, and cocky charm.

2) The Athlete

Unlike the Bro, the Athlete actually goes to the gym with an athletic purpose (don’t be fooled ladies, that doesn’t mean he stays at the gym for his initial purpose).  Whether he is on the volleyball team or the soccer team, the Athlete takes pride in his physique and is always in the pursuit of mastering his sport.  In an effort to do so, the Athlete will spend hours on end at the gym in the morning and night, in between practices, lifting weights, running, and just overall, improving his game.

The Athlete is always a perspective gym crush; however, the Athlete is driven by vanity, arrogance, and sometimes boldness.  Most of the time, the Athlete will take a few seconds in between his reps to stare at the girl on the elliptical, but generally, the Athlete is at the gym for one person only…himself!

3) The Wannabe

By dictionary definition, the Wannabe is a person trying to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people.  At the gym, basically anyone can fall under the category of the Wannabe, but in many cases, the male, gym Wannabe is preoccupied with looking like the Bro or the Athlete.  The Wannabe wants to have the personality of the Bro while working out like the Athlete.  Do you blame him?

Between weight-lifting reps and abdominal conditioning, the Wannabe will do whatever it takes so that people associate him with the “elite” crowd at the gym.  There is little time to waste with the Wannabe because he simply does not want to interest himself with the ladies while trying to impress the “elite” group of Bros and Athletes.  Until the Wannabe peaks at the gym, his demographic does not exist of the female gender.

4) The Meathead

Similar to the Athlete, the Meathead goes to the gym with a purpose, and he also spends hours on end at the gym perfecting his “trade.”  Although he does not have to train for any games or tournaments, the Meathead is a master at weightlifting and looking like he has a reason to be at the gym.  In reality, the Meathead only looks appropriate at the gym.  The Meathead will spend most of his time in front of the mirror doing numerous reps and dead lifts and will usually wear a weightlifting belt or gloves.

Most of the time, the Meathead treats the gym like his sanctuary and will not be phased by the lovely ladies on the ellipticals and treadmills.  Quite often, the Meathead has the modesty of the Bro, the mentality of the Athlete, and the insecurity of the Wannabe.  The Meathead’s day is not complete without the gym, so expect to see him there routinely, every day of the week.

5) The Pick-Up Artist

The last guy to grace the list is of course, the Pick-Up Artist.  Usually a combination of numbers one through four of the list, the Pick-Up Artist knows that the university gym is bound to be filled with young, beautiful women, and he sees the gym as an opportune moment get his flirt on and attempt to get a date for Friday night.  Generally, the Pick-Up Artist does not complete a full-workout because he is too preoccupied with browsing for women.  Rather than staring at himself in the mirror, the Pick-Up Artist is a master at the mirror-glance and will use any opportunity he gets to “help” you with improving your workout.  In many cases, never take the Pick-Up Artist’s gym advice because he is just trying to get your number.


Whether you are a Bro, Athlete, Wannabe, Meathead, or Pick-Up Artist, I applaud you for going to the gym and being a subject for my list.  No matter what, college students go to the gym for a multitude of reasons at any stage in the game.

Every quarter, I find myself facing a new obstacle, and through those obstacles, I know that the gym is always there and the guys are always at the gym.

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