How to Establish A Consistent Writing Routine

By Bethany Fischer on May 25, 2021

Most writers find it easy to write when they feel inspired. However, many lack a writing routine that keeps them consistently involved in their craft. Writing masters across the art form say the same thing about writing routines; they are a non-negotiable part of their lives. Creating a writing routine of your own may seem intimidating, especially when some writers seem to spend 100% of their time on their craft. The truth is, forming a writing routine that works for you is easy, can be done in steps, and leaves room for other important aspects of your life. Here are some helpful tips on forming a writing routine that best fits your life and creative goals.

Set aside writing time in your daily schedule

Contrary to popular belief, writing well is not something that comes naturally to all writers. It takes practice, just like learning how to play basketball, or mastering an instrument. Professional athletes don’t stop practicing once they are drafted onto their teams. If anything, they are expected to practice more than amateurs to keep their skill sets in tip-top shape.

The same thing is true for writers. The most successful writers have a writing routine that gets them writing every single day. Some people find that writing in the morning produces their best work. Others have found that ending their day with their writing routine is most comfortable for them. There are even writers who don’t have a specific time block that reoccurs daily, but still finds some time to write every day. Whatever time you can set aside and dedicate to writing will be crucial for maintaining a consistent writing routine.

Write through writer’s block

One of the most disheartening things that can happen to a writer is writer’s block. When a writer feels uninspired, it can be difficult to find the motivation it takes to follow through with their writing routine. However, there are benefits to writing through writer’s block that will not only strengthen your writing routine but make you a stronger and most consistent writer.

During his recent lecture at Houston Baptist University’s 2021 Writer’s Conference, author S.D Smith spoke on the importance of writing regularly, even when uninspired. While it can be tempting to only write when the “muse strikes,” as he put it, it is more important to write when it doesn’t. This is because writing when you are uninspired encourages good habits. It keeps writers from getting lazy in their craft. Writing through writer’s block makes writers work for their art. Being consistent, even when uninspired, will help writers maintain their writing routine and keep them motivated to work through obstacles.

Create a fun and relaxing space to write

One of the best ways to establish any kind of routine is to find ways to get excited about it. The same is true about your writing routine. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning when you know that you have a delicious breakfast waiting for you to eat. Getting through the workweek is more bearable when there are fun activities to look forward to on the weekend. A good way to get excited about your writing routine is by creating a unique, fun, and relaxing space for you to engage in your craft.

The best thing about being a writer is that you can write almost anywhere. This means that almost no place is off-limits to becoming your workspace. If you feel more comfortable writing at home, fill your space with your favorite things like photos, plants, and your favorite writing utensils. Play your favorite music or burn relaxing scents to keep you focused and get you into your writing flow. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try taking your writing routine outdoors, like a park or a beach. When you make your writing routine exciting, you are more likely to follow through with it every day.

Cut yourself some slack

Many people hold themselves to a very high standard when it comes to their work. This is especially true of people in creative fields. Many writers feel that the quality of their work is a reflection of them as a person. It is easy for writers to experience burnout when they put too much pressure on themselves to write something good every day. It is easy to fall out of your writing routine when you are burnt out and feeling sorry for yourself.

The most important thing to keep in mind when establishing a writing routine is that writers are only human. It is impossible to write something groundbreaking every single day. Expecting that from yourself is unrealistic and unhealthy for your creative goals. It is okay to have days where you only write a page. There won’t always be material to work with from every free write you do, and that’s okay. The best way to ensure that you stay consistent with your writing routine is by cutting yourself some slack and allowing yourself to be human.


Having a set writing routine is an important step in becoming a successful and well-balanced writer. Everyone’s writing routine looks different, but they all contribute to the growth of a writer. Easy things like scheduling time to write, writing through writer’s block, creating an exciting writing space, and cutting yourself some slack, are all great ways to help young writers establish a writing routine that works best for them.

The best performers in any field are the ones that practice daily and commit to the process. Writing is no different. With a regular writing routine in their writer’s toolbox, writers can feel confident that they are growing in their craft and taking the necessary steps to be successful in their field.

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