Top Online Resources to Help You in Your Studies

By Kailey Walters on February 10, 2021

The Internet is a vast place, full of potentially helpful resources that you can use to help you in your studies alongside your given course material such as your textbooks and class notes. However, not everything you see online is necessarily trustworthy or credible — so how can you tell the difference between a helpful online resource and an unhelpful one? Read on for some trustworthy (and free!) online resources you can use to supplement your studies, especially as finals are upon you.

Educational Tools:



Chances are that you’re pretty familiar with Quizlet already. It’s a site that offers study tools based on the information you provide. Users can create “sets” in virtually any subject (such as languages, arts, and humanities, science, math, social science, or other subjects), and based on the set, Quizlet will generate flashcards, quizzes, practice tests, matching games, and auditory tools to help you in your study session. Quizlet even offers some games — Scatter and Space Race — which can add some extra fun to your study session and motivate you to continue studying.


If you want to shake up the old-fashioned habit of using physical flashcards, StudyStacks is the tool for you. The site gives you the chance to either create your own flashcards or use flashcards that have already been created by other users. There are flashcards offered on a variety of topics, such as history, business, geography, languages, math, medical, science, and standardized tests. The system is great as a memorization tool because while you’re studying, it repeats the cards that you’ve gotten wrong in the past. What’s more, StudyStacks even allows you to play games created from your flashcards, such as hangman, unscramble, or a matching game, before you go on to take quizzes and tests. Overall, StudyStacks is a great online resource that will help you turn a study session into something fun, entertaining, and productive all at once.

Khan Academy

If you are stumped about something that you can’t figure out from your textbook, or you simply want to learn more about a given topic, Khan Academy is a great free learning resource. It offers class options tailored to your personal education level and interest, covering a wide variety of subjects and education levels, which means you could find information on anything ranging from high school geometry to college-level organic chemistry. After you select what you’re interested in, the site sets you up with particular courses that will help you reach your goal, whatever that may be. The program also helps you stay on track by tracking your progress, so you’ll have something motivating you while you work toward your goal. Ultimately, Khan Academy is a really great tool if you want to be able to practice and learn at your own pace with the guidance of an online “teacher.”


GoConqr is an amazingly versatile platform that offers you so many different tools at your fingertips, including mind maps, flashcards, courses, a note-taking platform, flowcharts, slides, and quizzes. In particular, mind maps act as a web of information that breaks down broad subjects into smaller, more digestible topics. When you create a map, you are able to see how different topics are connected, which can aid in your understanding and memorization of that topic. That’s what makes mind maps perfect for making outlines, brainstorming essays, and/or exploring how different topics relate to each other.

GoConqr’s Quiz allows you to quickly and easily create tests that will show you what you know so you’re able to focus more on what you still need to learn. These quizzes are helpful because you can track your progress based on your previous test results.

GoConqr even offers a number of useful organizational tools, such as study planners, flow charts, and course builders. What’s more, GoConqr provides a virtual library containing over 7 million user-created resources and courses, where you can easily search for whatever you’re looking for. All in all, GoConqr is an incredibly useful and versatile resource that any college student should take advantage of, especially if you are tackling studying many different subjects at once.


This is a great site that collects a wide variety of studying resources from across the Internet, covering many different subject areas such as accounting, law, nursing, theater, and much more. HowToStudy is easy to navigate and also offers resources on how to prepare and set goals, how to get information, how to work with information through mind maps and memory improvement techniques, and how to take tests and handle anxiety. HowToStudy even has a blog that offers advice and insights related to studying. If you are preparing for a test, whether it’s a quiz, a midterm, or even something bigger like a grad school exam, this could be a very helpful site for you.


A multimedia site, Hippocampus gives you access to 7,000 educational videos that provide information on a wide variety of topics, from economics to religion. This is a fantastic free site for those who best learn through visual stimuli.



Grammarly is a free tool you can use to help improve your writing. After all, no matter what major you are, you will find yourself having to write something during college — whether it be emails, resumes, cover letters, papers, or anything else. Grammarly will point out certain parts in your writing that could be fixed or improved and provide suggestions. Perhaps the most helpful thing about Grammarly is that it will not only indicate what needs to be changed, but it will also tell you why it should be changed, which helps you to understand your mistake so that you can learn from it for the next time.



Schooltraq is an online academic planner that helps you keep track of all your due dates for assignments, tests, projects, you name it. If paper agendas don’t do the trick for you anymore, this is the next best way to go; there’s a good chance you won’t lose this because it syncs up between your computer and phone, making it completely easy to access from wherever you are (as you probably have your phone with you at all times anyway). The planner also has a sleek, simple, and easy-to-read interface that will make planning your assignments a smooth experience. The dashboard shows you what you have left to do compared to what you’ve already completed. You can choose to view your calendar as a weekly or monthly grid. What’s more, you can either filter your assignments by search or sort them alphabetically, by due date, or by course. All in all, this is a really helpful planner that will allow you to stay organized and keep on top of all your assignments.


An organizational tool, Evernote is able to sync all of your information across your computer and phone, share it with other users, and gather web links. This is a really helpful tool if you want to organize your presentation notes, keep your research paper information in order, or create study guides. What’s especially convenient about Evernote is that it allows you to share content across apps; in other words, Evernote connects with the productivity tools/apps that you already use, so you can continue to work with familiar tools. As a result, if you often have difficulty keeping all of your important information neat and organized, Evernote will be a great resource for you.

Blogs and Course Websites:

In addition to various educational tools, there are a number of helpful blogs and other websites that you can peruse to find additional learning resources.

Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative that offers free and open online courses to anyone who wants to learn. The site offers nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels, each built by subject matter experts. All courses are available to complete at your pace, on your schedule, and free of cost. When you enter the site, it gives you the option to learn new skills or finish your degree. If you choose to take a course, there is a huge variety to choose from, including art history, biology, business administration, computer science, and many more. Saylor Academy courses also provide free certificates of completion issued through its partner, Accredible. These digital credentials allow you to have a record of what you’ve learned so that you can show anyone at any time.

OpenLearn is another great online resource that allows you to do many different things, including explore subject categories that you might already be studying for, choose from hundreds of free courses to learn more, earn free digital badges or a Statement of Participation, improve your study skills, and even boost your employability skills and find useful resources to help you with your life outside of work. OpenLearn offers learning in many different subjects including money and business; education and development; health, sports, and psychology; history and the arts; languages; nature and the environment; science, math, and technology; and society, politics, and law.

You may have already heard of Coursera, a site that offers courses, guided projects, specializations, professional certificates, and online degrees. With 76 million learners, over 4,600 courses, 25 different degrees, and much more, Coursera is an educational powerhouse providing access to the world’s best education. Through Coursera, you can have access to mobile learning so you can stream video lectures from anywhere or download them to watch offline; academic and technical support, sharable certificates that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile; and an inclusive experience designed for a diverse global audience, including video subtitles in over 40 languages. Ultimately, with so many resources available, Coursera can help you achieve your goals — whether it’s learning the latest skills, getting ready for a career, earning a certificate or degree, or implementing new skills for your organization. Coursera also partners with over 200 leading companies and universities, such as Google, IBM, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and many others, which means their courses are credible and great learning resources.

CourseBuffet is another invaluable site that acts as an online course catalog, offering hundreds of free massive open online courses (MOOCs) from over 250 different universities. You can choose to take courses in many different subjects, including biology, history, computer science, management, mechanical engineering, public health, and many more. CourseBuffet is a particularly helpful and organized source because it compiles free college courses from 17 different platforms, organizing everything in one convenient, accessible spot for students like you. It also examines and classifies every single course according to the CourseBuffet classification system. It shows you the approximate level a course would be at a traditional university and which courses are roughly equivalent, which allows you to easily compare courses and know in which order to take them. CourseBuffet then uses tagging so you can easily and quickly find the courses that work for you.

When it comes to studying and learning new skills, there are so many available online resources out there that you can use beyond just your textbook and class notes. These resources are at your fingertips just waiting to be used, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.

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