Housekeeping Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling

By Brittany Loeffler on February 4, 2020

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As a college student, the last thing on your mind is probably cleaning your apartment. When it comes to housekeeping, people can be a little extreme. Either they don鈥檛 clean at all or they are scrubbing the floors constantly. It鈥檚 important to find a balance when it comes to keeping your home clean. When you鈥檙e too busy studying to clean and want to be efficient when you do have the time, here are some housekeeping tips that will help you along the way.


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Create a Routine

Cleaning routines are a great way to make sure that your housekeeping is top-notch. Your house will only stay clean if you are consistent with your chores. You would be surprised at how much dust can gather in just a couple of weeks.

Designate a day of the week that you will spend time cleaning your apartment. It鈥檚 also useful to schedule a certain amount of time that you will spend cleaning. This will help you from getting distracted while cleaning. To stay organized, make a to-do list with the tasks you would like to accomplish. This will help you to stay on track and make sure that everything is done.

Deep Cleaning vs. Daily Cleaning

There are different levels and methods for housekeeping. It鈥檚 important to know the difference between a deep cleaning and a simple cleaning. A simple cleaning should be done once a week and involves straightening up, vacuuming, washing the bathrooms, and dusting. It involves a lot of surface cleaning. A deep cleaning consists of getting into the little crevices in your apartment that you may not think about. This includes dusting your blinds, washing baseboards and windows, and dusting out air vents and ceiling fans. A deep cleaning doesn鈥檛 have to happen very often; once a month would be ideal.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to housekeeping, you鈥檒l need some supplies to make sure your home is truly sparkling. You should keep a cabinet or bin stocked with cleaning supplies like dusting spray, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, Swiffer pads, and whatever else you think you鈥檒l need. If you want to save some money or are in a pickle when it comes to housekeeping day, there are some cleaning products that you can make with ingredients right from your kitchen.

Glass Cleaner – For mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces, simply mix vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle. For a nice scent, add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture.

Bathroom Cleaner – If you need a quick bathroom cleaner, mix together one cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda and hot water and leave in the tub for five minutes. After that, add some more hot water and leave for another five minutes. Drain the tub and rinse.

Fuzzy Socks – If you鈥檙e out of dust rags and you need something quick, grab a pair of fuzzy socks and wipe down the surfaces. Simply throw the socks in the wash and they鈥檒l look like new again.

Get Rid of Foul Smells

Have you ever walked into your kitchen and wondered what that awful smell was? It鈥檚 probably your trash can or the garbage disposal. Many people don鈥檛 think of cleaning these items out. If you do start to smell something foul, there are some home remedies to get rid of it. For a garbage disposal, simply throw half a lemon and some ice down it and turn it on. For a smelly trash can, you can make your own deodorizing disks to get rid of that nasty smell of old food.

Set Daily Cleaning Goals

Rather than waiting for the weekend to get your housekeeping chores done, set some daily cleaning goals for yourself. They can be simple such as making sure all of the dishes are done before you go to sleep and picking up your clothes off the floor every morning. Little tasks like this can really make a difference overall during your busy schedule. A good rule of thumb is that if it will only take a minute or two, don鈥檛 put it off. You鈥檒l feel much better knowing it鈥檚 done rather than thinking about it all day.

Do What You Can

While keeping a clean house is important, it shouldn鈥檛 stress you out. Your parents probably taught you to keep your room clean and set standards for cleanliness. However, if you cannot keep up with their standards, set your own. Clean what you can and do not put pressure on yourself for your housekeeping habits.

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By Brittany Loeffler

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