Making A Fun Girls' Night Out Of A Ticketed Event

By Danielle Wirsansky on January 31, 2020

There is nothing quite like making a big to do with your friends and going out to a special, ticketed event. Ticketed events are usually a little bit special—they are something you can’t see just anywhere or every day. And who better to experience something special with than your friends?

The older you get, the harder it can be to actually get the whole gang together, so when you do or are able to,  you will probably want to whoop it up and make it a big affair. But if you have never planned a girls’ night out of a ticketed event, you may be wondering where to start. It might even seem like a pretty big task. But no worries! This handy dandy guide will teach you everything you need to know about making a fun girls night out of a ticketed event!


Pre-Show Day

Before you even get to the day of the ticketed event, there are lots of things you can and need to do to help pump up your girls’ night out.

Shop or Plan

Everyone likes to look their best when they are going out for a night on the town, and when you are going out with your friends, you dress to impress. So go out and buy that outfit, try on those new shoes, and let your inner fashionista loose! You can go alone or with your friends, even if not all of them can go, and get ready to shop till you drop! Get clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, whatever it is that you feel you need to look your very best.

If shopping is not in the cards (or in your budget), set time aside to plan your look from the stuff you already own! Take the stress out of the night out by already deciding what it is that you want to wear. You know how sometimes you can stress yourself out or ruin a whole night by having to try on a bunch of outfits, finding that you do not like anything you own, and then being so upset you do not even feel like going to the event anymore?

Avoid that drama by just picking in advance. Then after work or class, all you have to do it put it on and get on the road and go!

You can also make a girls’ night in out of it and try on your clothes together and decide your looks or outfits as a group.

Beauty Prep

Some people like to beautify before they go out for a special occasion. Whether the knowledge of an upcoming girls night out reminds you that you need a hair cut or that you want to shake up your hairstyle, you can definitely get some beauty prep done!

If you need to get a wax, go get a wax! You want to spray tan before the big night? Want to get your nails done? Go for it! Do it! Help yourself be your best, most beautiful and confident self for when you go out. Pamper yourself a little bit. And you can even make this an extension of your girls’ night out—invite a friend or two, or even the whole group if you can manage it. Be together with your friends, bond, and luxuriate, just a little bit.

Make Restaurant Reservations

Take the guesswork out of your night even further by deciding where to eat in advance. Poll everyone in the group, have everyone agree, make a reservation there, and then go out the night off and enjoy yourself.

No one has to hem and haw about the restaurant choice, or the cost, or the type of food served. You will not waste time deciding that might make you late for the show. And when you get to the restaurant, you will not be inundated with a huge wait that might also make you late to your event because you thought ahead and made a reservation.

Know Where to Park

Some venues have easy parking. Some venues have parking that is more comparable to a nightmare. Some venues might have easy parking, but it will cost you an arm and a leg to park there while free or cheap parking might not seem like an option at all.

Maybe you are all going in one car or maybe in several. You do not want to be separated from each other before the show even starts!

Take a little bit more stress out of your girls’ night out by researching, deciding, and knowing where to park for your show before you actually get there.

Day of Show

The day of the show is the most important! But there is plenty you need to do before the show actually happens to help facilitate your girls’ night out.

Coordinate Rides

To help keep everyone on time and organized (as well as to stay efficient), coordinate your rides. Who is driving? Who is just a passenger? Who needs to drive to accommodate all of the people? Does one of the members of your group have a vehicle that could ordinarily fit seven people but their car is full of crap and so now they can only fit five? Or do you just plan to all go in your own cars?

Who wants to go out after the show? Does anyone not want to go? No one wants to be stranded without a way to get home.

Figure it all out so you do not delay yourself any further when it is time to leave the restaurant and go to the show.

Dine Out

One of the biggest elements of a girls’ night out is going out to eat! You do not want to go and see your show on an empty stomach. Once you are there, get food you know you will enjoy. Whether you feel limited by your budget or perhaps you are watching what you eat, try not to let that cramp your style when you go out to eat.

Sit down with your friends, talk it up, eat delicious food, and have a few drinks (but not too many that you get a little too tipsy to enjoy the rest of the night or become a burden on your friends).

Make sure though that you leave yourself enough time to get to the restaurant, eat, and then drive to the venue and get in to see the show so that you are not rushed, stressed, late, or even end up missing the show altogether. Added up, those things do not make for a fun girls night out. Just stay on schedule and everything will be all right.

Photo by Martin Lopez from Pexels

At the Show

You and your posse have finally made it—you are at this special, ticketed event with all your friends. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of your night! More than sitting back and enjoying the show, here are a couple of things you can do to help optimize your ticketed event experience.

Be Sure to Use the Bathroom

Once you get to the venue, you are all checked in, you have found your seats—be sure to use the bathroom before the show begins! Once you get into the groove of the show, you do not want to have to interrupt your experience by missing out on the time with your friends or missing part of the show that you paid to experience. Depending on what kind of ticketed event you are attending, you might not be able to come back into the show until intermission!

And when you go in and out and have to climb back and forth over people to get to the bathroom and then back to your seat, you are just better off having gone to the bathroom before the show even begins.

Post-Show Meet Up Spot

Once the show begins, you will not really be able to talk to each other. And at certain events, it can be really easy to be separated by the crowds, whether it is by the crowd inside the venue or the crush as you are trying to leave. Perhaps not all of you and your friends are sitting together. To avoid any confusion or lost and left behind friends, pick a post-show meet up spot before the show begins so everyone knows where to head.

Whether it is outside of the ground floor women’s restrooms or right outside the main venue door to the left, just pick a spot, make sure everyone clearly knows where it is, and be sure to head there once the show is over so that everyone can be accounted for.

Let Loose!

You are there: check! Your friends are there: check! Your stomach is full of good food: check! Your look is on fleek: check! You went to the bathroom before the show: check! The only thing left is for you to sit back and enjoy the show!


The show may be over, but that does not mean the night is done! You guys can always call it quits at that point, but if you do not want to waste the time you guys have together, you want to discuss the show you just saw, or you just are not ready to part, then do not forget about the post-show festivities! The night is still young—there is plenty for you to do to round off your night.

Drinks & Dessert

After the show, why not step out for drinks and/or desserts? Sit down together, have a few drinks or a few snacks and talk about the show you just saw. Dissect your experience. What were the pros and cons? Would you see it again? What were your favorite moments?

Or maybe the show is behind you and you do not need to rehash it. You just want to spend time with your friends. Sure, you guys caught up earlier at dinner before the show but that was only surface-level stuff. Now you have time to dive deeper below the surface. What is going on in their life? What is going on in yours?

Or maybe you just want to have fun! You want to party and dance, all while surrounded by your best girlfriends. The night is young and the night is yours! Enjoy it.

Get Home Safely

Once the night begins to wind down, the next step is to get home safely! Whether you drive home with a designated driver, you take an Uber home, it has been long enough since you drank that the alcohol has definitely worn off, or you never even drank at all, just be sure to get home safely.

Do not ruin your girls’ night out by wrecking it at the end by using unsafe practices to get home. You want to be able to have another girls’ night out, and another one, and another one. Get home safely!

Plan Again

Even though a ticketed event is special and each girls’ night is its own, unique experience that cannot be repeated, that does not mean you have to wait forever to do it again. Look for the next ticketed event you want to attend. And the next one. Maybe even the next one! Is there something you are all interested in seeing? Then go see it! You might not be able to go out every night, but you can certainly make spending time with your friends a higher priority. Do not let the night end without any further plans to get together again. There’s no time like the present—plus you already have everyone together to discuss what and when for the next time. Do not waste that opportunity!

Photo by Adrienn from Pexels

Using this handy dandy guide to making a fun girls night out of a ticketed event, you are sure to have a blast no matter where you go, what you see, and who you hang out with!

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