Just What To Do This Summer!

By Adaeze Nwokolobia on June 11, 2019

Summer 2019, it’s getting hotter and spring is dancing away, along with its chilly breezes and rainy days. What to do this summer? The long cold months are long gone and oh my, are we good for it.

Summer IS coming but other than stating the obvious how about we ask important questions. Open-ended ones like just what am I doing this summer? Am I sitting on my behind like a bum or traveling and seeing places like a grown-up Dora the explorer? Am I chilling and hanging with old friends or stuck in “solitary mode” this season? Do I have a job lined up already or a creative venture waiting to get started on? or have I got paid-for-already vacation plans with the family? Or no plans at all?

If you already answered most of the questions, good for you! But if you don’t know what to do this summer or how to finesse this summer to one of your dreams? Then, THIS is just the post for you. Let’s get into it.


 Don’t think you can milly molly your way around and end up blaming everybody but yourself for a wasted summer.

Plan For Everything

So…the school year is over and probably, your savings as well. What with the late nights online splurging to cool off finals anxiety, paying for multiple streaming accounts & endless free subscriptions (you forgot to cancel and now waiting for the refunds) and ordering food, you ended up not eating?! Now, don’t feel attacked I’m merely observing. From my life’s eyes. Now, about HOW to pay for what to do this summer. Well, if you get pocket money from mommy and daddy no worries but if you don’t. Well, I don’t want to say it but I’ve got to. You are scr**ed. maybe.

If you are not completely broke I suggest planning for everything in advance. Before you secure that summer job, balance your sheets and get into accounts mode. Make sure your earnings never surpass your expenses and buy only what you need.

 Plan your every activity for the summer and place how much time, effort and money are needed accordingly.  To help you make the most of the summer, try to arrange a limited number of activities THAT you actually care about as multiple outings will only wear you and your pocket thin.

  Just do it. Book that trip and travel. You Only Live Once.

Travel abroad with a friend/group of friends and split costs.

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So a summer vacation can feel like such a rich dream adorned with fancifulness like whiteboard yachts, picturesque beaches, and family drinking wine together attachments. Excuse me, but am not talking about a vacation. More like an adventure but not for the faint-hearted but the brave at heart. I guess you could say it is backpacking meets self-awakening because the point is not just to see new places but to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Some people can’t afford to do a study abroad or even have the heart to travel out of the country. If you belong to the previous category I have tips that can help you manage and get your adventure going but for the latter, I don’t think I can help. You have to grow some *coughs, cojones, first.

 Traveling with friends can help make trips affordable, well, at least with accommodation. You can’t particularly split flight costs now, can you? You would have to dip into your savings or work for your tickets. This is turning out to be very spontaneous, right? Well, as soon as you get the flight tickets out of the way accommodation becomes a very big tab. Renting a group Airbnb and splitting the costs can be a good option. Check with the landlord and see if they are comfortable with this as some would rather renters pay separately. Couch surf or hit up your friends on study abroad and see if they could accommodate you. I wouldn’t bet on the last part.

Summer Classic: Work a job or an internship…but in another town or city.

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If a vacation proves to be too expensive, this might be a good option. Now, most young adults work summer jobs in their local fast food restaurants, department stores or fire station. Do the grimy jobs until you earn the degree and get the top dollar jobs. And if you can secure a neat internship in a major city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago then, by all means, go off. Almost every Hollywood Rom-Com movie features a young teen working a summer job and of course, finding love. *rolls eyes alas! It is the young adult movie formula. But this summer, you can flip the script and work out-of-state. While this requires rigorous planning and a word with the parents beforehand, it is definitely worth it. This might be the time to get nice with that relative from out-of-town so you have a place to stay. That way you kinda get your working holiday on without having to leave the country. You get your adventure while making money!

 This summer, don’t sleep on yourself think about your goals and what happens after graduation. Most employers look for undergrads with tons of experience that set them apart from the crowd and with the long holiday you get the chance to gain work experience. Prove that you deserve that awesome job/internship with all the nice perks after graduation. Well, except you don’t want it?

Learn how to drive

 Just what are you waiting for? Get your license! For some reason, late bloomers are charming. When they eventually beam and open up their petals to the sun they radiate more than ever. Uh, I hope that made you feel better because you need to go ahead and learn how to drive. Remember, get your parallel parking in order, apply reverse like a sane person and always wear your seat belt.

For starters, I know someone who graduated out of college but stayed back in this upstate New York college town just so he could borrow his friend’s car and finally get his driver’s license. It worked! He got enough practice in a small suburban town and he was able to comfortably take the test. You are not alone, never forget!

The point is, ladies and gentlemen,  whatever life skills you have not earned at this point like knowing how to swim, administering  first- aid, cooking something other than Ramen and doing laundry (no joke, a lot of millennials do not know how to) you have got this summer to work on all of it! Never take anything for granted!

Kicking it with the girls/boys at home playing video games or watching Netflix does not cut it this time. Get up!

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Don’t stay in

 Yes, I said it! Go out and spend time out of your house! Matter of fact, dump that bed, your love affair with the aforementioned precious inanimate object can start again in the winter. But this summer, get outdoorsy. Well, not literally. Be careful when hiking or mountain climbing and always wear insect repellent. And try not to hitch-hike too. Stay safe.

Otherwise, try to go for food or music festivals and if you did not go to Coachella, good, this is your time now. You can wild out at concerts with friends or go to live jazz/soul shows with your S/O.  You can get front row seats to see amateur fashion shows free and paid and you must definitely have apps that let you see new events around your area and attend. Apps like Meeting star, Event Brite, MeetUp, etc. Just do it… please.

Now I hope you know just what to do this summer. Remember, we are young once and these are the summers of our youth. Live them up to the fullest and have no regrets starting this summer.

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