Decorating Tricks to Make Your Home Look Amazing

By Victoria Robertson on June 10, 2019

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When it comes to decorating, things happen to be a lot more difficult than they may look. It鈥檚 not as easy as slapping some paint on the wall and hanging a picture or two. For a home that鈥檚 going to look amazing, you need to use every inch of the space to your advantage, strategically designing your decor around it.

While it鈥檚 not the simplest of jobs, it can be a lot of fun, so, to get you started, here are six tricks to make your home look amazing!

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1. Use Furniture the Fits the Space

No, this doesn鈥檛 only mean that your furniture should be the size of the space you鈥檙e trying to fit in, though that鈥檚 important as well. This means that when you choose furniture pieces, they should either tie in or accentuate the structure that surrounds them.

For instance, if you鈥檙e putting in a bookshelf next to a fireplace, the bookshelf should have similar designs to the fireplace in order to look like it was built into the house. In addition, if you are looking to accentuate the bookshelf, you may want to paint it a contrasting color to the room that pops without becoming an eyesore.

Either way, your furniture should be speaking to the space it鈥檚 in.

2. Go the Crafty Route

Arts and crafts can be fun, but they are certainly a great means of decorating your space. Many individuals go for a rustic feel and build their own wood shelves, coffee tables, etc. Others go for smaller, accent pieces such as mason jars or floral wreaths for the wall.

Whichever route you go, and whichever style you craft after, creating your own decor is a surefire way to build decor that matches your space and speaks to your unique tastes.

3. Give Windows a Facelift

Windows typically come with the boring, average blinds that are necessary to keep the sun out. However, leaving your windows this way is a missed decoration opportunity.

When it comes to decorating a home, windows are the perfect location for a facelift that will accentuate the room nicely and flow easily into whatever decor you have chosen. You can opt for plain curtains to add a touch of femininity, or perhaps a valance that matches the furniture patterns in the room.

Whatever you do with this space, it鈥檚 simple, quick and easy, and it鈥檚 going to add a lot more dimension to your room.

4. Stick to a Color Scheme

Some individuals have difficulty with the painting process, as there are so many options to choose from. What it comes down to is this: you need to stick to a strict color scheme.

Whether you鈥檙e painting the entire house a neutral color or would prefer to paint each room a unique color, the fact remains the same; the colors must match. A color scheme is essential to having cohesive decor. While you may be a fan of color, it鈥檚 important to limit yourself to a select number of colors that you鈥檒l use throughout a room in order to avoid going overboard.

5. Use Hardware to your Advantage

Something that people don鈥檛 typically think of when it comes to decor is hardware. In fact, the hardware throughout your house can really help you to accentuate your decor, even with the smallest of changes.

For instance, the standard gold knobs on every cabinet and door can be monotonous and may not fit in with your color scheme. However, a silver handle in their place, or perhaps a glass knob, can really go the extra mile with minimal effort on your part.

6. Remember Less is More

The last, but most important trick that you need to remember is that less is more. When it comes to decorating your home, this is the most important rule. Many individuals tend to overdo it and go a little too far overboard with their decorating.

However, this is always a mistake. When it comes to decorating, remember that less is always more and it鈥檚 important for you to decorate minimally rather than to overdo the decorating. Don鈥檛 buy too many accent pieces, don鈥檛 pick out too many colors and don鈥檛 stuff your rooms full of furniture that they don鈥檛 need.

Go with the minimalist approach, follow the rest of these tips and your decor will be looking great in no time at all!

Again, when it comes to decor, everything is in your hands. Your decorations are completely up to you and your taste, but there is always a way to ensure that your taste aligns with something that鈥檚 aesthetically pleasing.

So no matter your style, these six tricks are the best way to ensure you use the entire space to your advantage and decorate it like a professional.

Happy decorating!

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Victoria is a dedicated writer who graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She currently writes freelance pieces for various sites and works in Marketing for Myndbee Inc., promoting their current mobile app, Picpal.

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