Turning Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Self-care Space

By Kaitlin Hurtado on February 10, 2019

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It is no secret that self-care is important, especially in a stressful time like college. It’s important to take time for yourself and to properly spend that time taking care of yourself, and that can mean various different things: catching up on sleep, going out with a friend, slapping on a face mask and washing your favorite show. There is no right or wrong way to practice self-care, but your idea of self-care may involve something that you don’t necessarily have access to or lack the funds to make your聽self-care dreams come true.

However, self-care can be just as effective on a budget or on your own terms. One place where you can practice self-care is in your bathroom. You may be thinking of your apartment’s dingy bathroom with half of the light bulbs blown out, but do not worry, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious self-care space with the following tips in mind:


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Clean and organize your bathroom聽

The idea of a clean physical space reflecting or generating a clean headspace can be applied to turning your bathroom in a luxurious self-care space. You want to be able to fully relax in your bathroom and if your bathroom is cluttered or dirty, it will most likely be a lot more difficult to relax and enjoy your time. Instead, start out by cleaning out the clutter in your bathroom, consider the following items:

  • Products for skin care, makeup, hair, and others that you either are not going to be using in the future or if they are expired. If you don’t often go through your products, you would be surprised to find how many expired products they are in your collection!
  • Plain trash. Trash buildup happens. A cotton swab left in a drawer, a wrapper left on a shelf, a near-empty bottle of conditioner wasting away in your shower. Throw out leftover packaging or near-empty containers
Once you clean the clutter out, try organizing your bathroom. Get a shower caddy to organize all of your shower supplies – a shelf for bath accessories like exfoliators and razors, another for hair care like masks and shampoos. Try organizing your storage to maximize space. Arrange your products in a way that the ones you want to use more are at the front. For example, if you don’t use sheet masks as often as you like, try putting them at the front and center of your cupboard for easy access.

Get your favorite scent in your bathroom

Bathrooms never have to be smelly when you have a luxurious self-care space. Bring your favorite scent into your bathroom, in whatever way you prefer. This can be a candle that you love – lighting it during a relaxing bath can make all the difference when it comes to making your space feel luxurious. If candles aren’t exactly your cup of tea for the potential hazard, try another form of bringing scents into your self-care space.

A reed diffuser is simple and painless. Simply place the reed sticks into the container of oil and voila, the scent of your choice will fill the air naturally all by itself. This will provide a constant scent without having to be supervised – and picking a scent you associate with relaxation or happiness for your self-care space is important in generating the mood you want. Similar to a reed diffuser, you can choose to place an essential oil diffuser into your bathroom to create a luxurious self-care space. Depending on the one you get and its feature, the process can be very simple. Put a few drops of your favorite oil into water in your oil diffuser and lets the scent fill the bathroom. You can go with plain essential oils like lemongrass, or pick specialized blends that target moods or functions (headaches, energizing, relaxation, etc). You can also choose to purchase an essential oil diffuser that doubles as a lamp that has changing colors to reflect whatever mood you are feeling that day.

Decorate to your tastes

Once your bathroom is clean and organized, decorate the space so that it feels like it is truly transformed into a luxurious self-care space and not just your plain old bathroom. This decorating can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, and if you choose either option, they definitely do not have to break your bank! Some simple ways that you can decorate your bathroom are the following:

  • A decorative candle. Not only can a candle make your space smell amazing, but it can also add to the overall vibe and luxurious feel of the bathroom! Choose a cute jar or candle holder if your candle tends to be on the simpler side, or simply pick a candle that has some decorative elements to begin with (a specialized container, colored wax, decorative ribbon or embellishments, etc.).
  • Mirrors. While you may already have the typical bathroom mirror in your space, it doesn’t hurt to add another one (or even more). If you are doing your makeup in the bathroom, consider getting a face mirror with lights already installed to make your daily routine feel that much more luxurious.
  • Plants. Bring a little bit of nature into your luxurious self-care space. Bring a plant that is suiting to your bathroom conditions (natural light, no light, possible high humidity from constant hot showers, and more) so that you aren’t killing every plant you bring into your bathroom. If you do not have a green thumb or simply don’t want a real plant, there are plenty of fake plants and floral arrangements that look like the real deal
  • Rugs and towels. Another way to incorporate some color and texture into your self-care space is through rugs and towels. Handtowels to match your desired color scheme, or a plush rug to stand on while brushing your teeth and fixing your hair can do wonders into turning your bathroom in a luxurious self-care space.
Turning your bathroom into a luxurious self-care space doesn’t have to break your budget or be a complex process with these tips. Good luck and enjoy your new self-care space!

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