New Cult Rejects Religion and Science

By Jared Hammer on October 23, 2017

In these uncertain times, the world doesn’t make a lot of sense. A lot of us are looking for answers, but are we looking in the right places?

A new movement called Hyperianism is coming forward to provide those answers, targeting individuals off the beaten path. The Gothic leader of this movement, a man who calls himself Morgue, is spreading his message through YouTube and your Facebook feed.

College students and young people are playing a  huge part in sharing his material. Anyone else seen this video claiming God is the Devil? It’s just one video among the many Hyperianism videos making the rounds. Morgue makes arguments that appeal to folks who’ve become disenchanted with religion and society, meaning college-aged people are a key demographic. The problem is, the more I look into it, the more it looks like a cult.

Are you gothic and yearning for someone to explain the universe? Boy, have we got the cult for you!
(Image from Pixabay)

Perhaps the most radical thing about Hyperianism, besides its leader’s lack of eyebrows, is its opposition to not only religious thought but scientific thought as well. Rather than turn to science or religion, Hyperianism argues every aspect of everything can be understood through mathematics, logic, and reason. To see Morgue’s explanation of Hyperianism watch this video.

Hyperians Reject Religion

In Morgue’s explanation, he blames religion for being responsible for sexism, homophobia, and violence. This is a sweeping statement to be sure, one that he punctuates by flashing Westboro Baptist protest signs.

Comparing all Christians to the hatred and bigotry of a small minority is hardly fair. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

I recognize that religious thought has been a contributor to sexism and homophobia. There’s also no denying that religion has been a catalyst for war throughout history and today. Morgue isn’t wrong here.

The issue with Morgue’s condemnation of religion is that he takes generalized negatives of religion, and applies it to religious thought in general. If Westboro Baptists are the prime example of Christians, then the KKK is the prime example of Americans. The most extreme example does not represent the whole.

Hyperians Reject Science

Morgue claims science is irrational and criticizes society for accepting scientific findings as truth. He argues that because some scientific findings are later disproven or updated by new findings, science is not in the business of finding the truth, as these truths are not absolute.

A large part of Morgue’s criticism of science is his assertion that we cannot trust our senses. His logic is that we perceive the world through the limitations of our senses and construct reality around it. By noting that other species experience the world through their senses differently, Morgue asks his followers to question their perception of reality.

“Look around you at all the tables and chairs, the plants and animals, the trees and the birds. At first glance, these things may not seem mathematical, but that’s because you’ve fallen under the spell of the human senses. The senses have evolved not to show you the truth of reality but to allow you to survive on this planet” — From the Hyperianism website.

Despite the advances that science has provided for society, Hyperianism claims that scientific processes are inherently flawed through the limitations of the human senses and are therefore not true to Morgue’s values of logic and reason. The irony is that logic and reason are very much a part of the scientific process, a fact that critics of Hyperianism have been quick to point out.

How is this anti-religion and anti-science group a cult? 

Cults are generally understood to be religious movements that are regarded as strange. Typically, they are associated with manipulative behavior that leads to control over individuals and a wider congregation. What makes Hyperianism unusual is that it claims to not be a religion and encourages individual, rational thought. Despite this,  I believe “cult” is a perfectly appropriate label for Hyperianism, for which I have nine reasons.

1. Morgue only speaks in absolutes. Everything he says, regardless of its legitimacy, is said as though it is fact. Morgue is not interested in open dialogue about his findings and speaks as though he is an omniscient leader. His claims to support individual thought seem to only be in place to make potential followers feel at ease.

2. Hyperianism claims we are all brainwashed. Morgue likens the cultural and familial influences that are inevitably pushed on us to be the equivalent of brainwashing. By making his followers question their own autonomy and environment, Morgue is trying to shape and manipulate the minds of his followers.

3. Hyperianism is “not a belief system, it’s a knowing system.” This is a strategy used frequently by cults, as it promises that their ideology is simply fact. This leaves very little room for argument.

4. It claims to have all of the answers. This is what draws people into cultic ideology. People who are primed to enter cults are searching for answers and meaning in their lives. Ironically, Hyperianism does not provide proof for any of its “logical and reasonable” beliefs.

5. They hold information. The baseline beliefs are available on the Hyperian website and Morgue’s YouTube channel, but in order to gain more information, one must first become a member. First, you must agree to a series of questions and then purchase the first book of Hyperianism. Along with a copy of the book, followers receive a code granting access to further material on the website.

This first book, along with all of the Hyperian reading material, is only available for purchase once a week from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. Pacific Time. Financial donors are also given access to additional material. By making their ideology difficult to obtain, Hyperianism is able to limit outsider knowledge of their ideology.

6. They encourage their followers to turn their backs on society. Morgue constantly calls attention to the plights of this world, depicting society as evil and incompetent. By making reality seem inept, he is able to offer a reality of his own.

7. The leader has a protected identity. By using the name Morgue, the leader of the movement is able to obtain an element of mystery. Cult leaders often employ new identities through which to spread their movements. Doing so allows them to cover up their origins and any potential past mistakes.

8. Morgue claims to be above humanity. His website states: “We are beyond human. We are the next evolutionary step. We are Hyperians.”

By claiming to be above humanity and offering the same status to his followers, Morgue offers an illusion of grandeur.

9. Hyperianism claims that “death is an illusion.” This is terribly concerning as it calls to mind the mass suicides of such cults as Heaven’s Gate and Jonestown.

Sometimes, you can peel back the layers and find that the packaging was a straight-up lie.
(Image from Pexls)

These factors of Hyperianism line up closely with strategies used by cults to turn their followers away from society, as well as gain control over their thoughts and behavior. Although Hyperianism is still a new movement, it is quickly growing. Cults will do everything in their power to convince you that they are not a cult. They obtain followings of people disenchanted with reality and manipulate and mold them as they wish.

My advice? Be wary of Morgue and his strange Hyperian teachings. He may offer some appealing thoughts and concepts, but it may be as deceitful as this sausage disguised as a banana.

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