How To Deal With Crushing On Your Tutor

By Kylie Exline on May 31, 2016

When we find ourselves struggling in a specific class, we do what anyone else would do in the same situation: we drop out.

Just kidding, we find ourselves a tutor and force the habit of studying. Things can become complicated on their own. You know, with trying to earn an A (passing grade), and showing up relatively on time for a class (only a half hour late).

Throw in having a crush on your tutor and you are in for an entirely different experience. To discover how to deal with the crushing, read below.

Keep it platonic.

Sometimes friends are all you need in this life of sin. That and pizza. Lots of pizza.

If finding yourself crushing, attempt the amiable route. This means laughs that are in no way flirtatious, gestures that are not too intimate, and jokes that do not cross certain boundaries. And there is no such thing as friends with bens here. Do not even think about it.

It can be quite difficult to keep things on the friendly path, especially when they are majorly hot, intelligent, and have the cutest darn dimples that you have ever seen in your entire 21 years of life. But try to focus. Focus on the lesson at hand, not on their piercing blue eyes. You can do it.

Go for it.

Having a tutor is all about telling yourself that you should not give up, even when times prove to be difficult, or very against you. In this case, you get that tutor’s attention and do not stop until you achieve your dreams.

This does not mean freaking them out with obvious innuendos and random texts claiming that you need a last minute tutor sesh. We all know what you wish you were studying instead of mass communication studies.

Be cool about your little crush, and if all goes well, things will work out. And then look at you, you have a tutor and a cute, smart boyfriend. Girls everywhere envy you and your outspoken ways.

Focus on their flaws.

This potentially is the worst thing possible. Mainly because if you are crushing on someone, you are avoiding their flaws at all costs. And if we actually acknowledge them, we are in too deep and have come to terms with accepting them. Never a good thing.

This can include them spitting a tad too much when explaining the rhetoric in a political article, or how they tend to chew gum like a monster raised by wolves in an isolated forest somewhere out west. Be creative, folks.

You can even focus on the tiniest examples. For instance, maybe they are always wearing stripes on Tuesdays, or make way too much eye contact that it forces you to reach discomfort. Anything. This way the crushing will run its course and you will begin to hate attending the lessons because this means that you will have to see them. Practice makes perfect.

Avoid awkwardness.

If you are in any way awkward, welcome to the club. But more importantly, this means that crushing is probably the worst possible thing for you. Because with crushing comes awkward situations.

It is weird enough admitting to a random stranger that you are lacking intelligence in a certain subject. Discovering that you like them just takes complication to an entirely different level. And we do not have time for that. To avoid the awkward tension at all costs, try to be relatively normal in an I-need-you-to-teach-me-chemistry, but let’s-not-have-any-ourselves type of way. Make sense? Perfect.

Find a new one.

Telling your tutor it is over can almost be just as bad as breaking up with a boy/girlfriend. And it is because you are actually ending a form of a relationship. Sorry to break it to you.

As soon as you self-discover that you have a thing for the physics tutor, run away. Run far, far away and never make the mistake of looking back at his almost too perfect chiseled jaw. Huge mistake, buddy.

Maybe find one less attractive, or that you do not get distracted by. The point is to be learning relevant course material, not their hobbies, current relationship status, and what their views are on global warming. Learning is key, and finding a new tutor is a major key.

When having a tutor to help us with whatever class it is that we need help in, the point is to learn and pass. That is what is expected of you. If you discover that you have a thing for the tutor and intend to pursue it, look at all of your options before springing it on them. You can potentially date, break up, or even find out that it was never meant to be in the first place.

Regardless, focus on the goal and good should come out of it. Including that C that grants you a degree.

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