15 of the Most Bizarre College Clubs

By Courtney Gorter on September 23, 2014

Creating a club is really nothing more than being passionate about something, locating a group of like-minded people, and slapping a catchy name on the whole thing.


And it seems like there’s a club for everything and everybody when you’re in college. If you ever wanted to join up with a group united in their love for pizza crust or blanket forts, now’s the time to do it—very rarely will you encounter these kinds of outlandish organizations outside of a college campus.

1. The Moustache Club (Carleton College)
No moustache required (but it’s certainly encouraged). All that’s necessary is a deep and abiding love of facial hair and those who have it. Members aspire to reach the standards of excellence embodied by some of the great mustachioed men of our time.

2. The Cheese Club (Purchase College, SUNY)
There’s a fine line between regarding cheese as the stuff that goes on other stuff, and revering it as the food of the gods. At Purchase College, SUNY, they chuck that dividing line right out the window—either you love cheese or you’re lying. If you’re not yet convinced, check out their tumblr—it’s called “Eat Cheese or Die.”

3. The Hammock Club (Calvin College)
Do you like hammocks? Great. But do you love hammocks with a fierce and eternal passion that rivals that of anything you’ve heretofore enjoyed? Even better! Calvin College is encouraging stress-free leisure time one hammock at a time.

4. Rock-Paper-Scissors Club (University of Kentucky)
If you’ve only ever been using Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets shotgun or who has to go to the store, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a glorious testament to human competition. (They even have championships.)

5. The Squirrel Club (University of Michigan)
Any University of Michigan student can and will confirm that our very own Squirrel Club is as serious as they come. What began as an offhand joke of an idea late one night in East Quad, ultimately blossomed into something clearly bigger than all of us—and it’s been growing in popularity ever since. (It’s even catching on—Western Michigan University has one, too.)

6. Cube Club (Harvard)
Harvard’s Cube Club is devoted to solving Rubik’s Cubes with the kind of careless ease people both fear and respect, thereby solidifying their rightful place as our future overlords.

7. Free Compliments Club (Tufts University)
The Free Compliments Club is combatting the evils of the world with nothing but praise, free of charge. If you happen to pass by the university’s library, chances are you’ll walk away thinking, “You know what? I am looking pretty good today.”

8. Childish Games Commission (Kalamazoo College)
Let your inner child run amok at Kalamazoo College—meetings consist largely of Capture the Flag, blanket forts, Slip N’ Slides, and Twister. (General hijinks may ensue.)

9. Boffer Club, also known as the Foam Sword Warriors (Alfred University)
At Alfred, they simply want to enjoy the chivalric honor and adventure of sword fighting without all that pesky armor and blood loss getting in the way. The solution? Foam swords, shields, axes, and spears. If you’re not amused, you’re clearly not picturing upwards of eighty people whacking each other with various foam weapons during the annual Alfred Civil War.

10. Clown Nose Club (Penn State University)
The Clown Nose Club has been so wildly successful it’s inspired spinoffs at other universities, like North Carolina State. They’re all about positivity and expanding your horizons—while wearing a clown nose, obviously, because why not?

11. Humans vs. Zombies (Goucher College)
Humans vs. Zombies clubs are cropping up everywhere, but it started at Groucher. It’s all fun and games until one of your friends is a zombie, and then it’s an all-out war for human supremacy in the face of the apocalypse.

12. Campus People Watchers (University of Minnesota)
They describe themselves as a “non-profit, non-creepy organization” that orchestrates group observational sessions and meets afterward to discuss their findings. (It’s not weird. Don’t make it weird.)

13. Students Against Hippies in Trees (UC Berkeley)
In 2006, tree-sitting protests took place to oppose the university’s removal of oak trees on campus. Not long after, a reactionary group emerged to protest the protests. Then another group answered the call to protest those protests, in a seemingly never-ending vortex of protests.

14. Lumberjack Club (Michigan Tech)
No club has ever made more sense than this one. All you purportedly need is a healthy sense of when to wear flannel. (The correct answer is “always.”)

15. Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society (Western Michigan University)
The club came to be after a debate among friends about the merit of pizza crust. They’re determined to put a stop to what they refer to as “discrimination of crust” and bring us one step closer to world peace.

It turns out that there are clubs to encompass every facet of the human experience, no matter how silly or squirrelly. Regardless of your cheese preferences or the extent to which you can or can’t grow a moustache, there’s a club out there for you—and if there’s not, what’s stopping you from starting your own?

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