Student Housing - Top Tips For A Perfect Home

By Uloop Guest Writer on December 28, 2017

So, the end of your first year at University is over. You’re wondering if you can still call yourself a new student, you’ve begun the process of consolidation for all your loans and maintenance grants, and you’re looking for a new place to stay. This can often be a mammoth task in itself, and it’s all too common for students to start tearing out their hair and wondering just why they’re going wrong. We’re going to be taking a look at a few top tips on how to search for a student house.


Get Some Reliable Roommates

If there’s one thing you want to avoid, it is living on your own, because it’ll be that much harder. Instead, a lot of people try and look for their own house which is shared with a couple of people. And for that, you’re going to need flatmates or housemates. It is best to try and get some people who you know are going to be reliable. A student house is going to be a big investment no matter how many people are in it, so you need to make sure that the roommates you pick are reliable and going to pay their share of everything on time.

Talk To The Current Occupants

What you’ll find is that the house you’re about to move into is usually being lived in by someone else at the moment. This is good because it means that you can speak to the people who are living there and get a real understanding of what the property is like. Sales agents and letting companies will obviously try and make the property seem as appealing as possible. However, by speaking to the people who live there at the current moment, you’ll be able to gauge exactly how the property feels like when you live in it, and whether there are any little things you should be aware of. This chat will help you to work out if the place you’re looking at is going to be the one for you.

Work Out What You Need

When it comes to your student housing, you need to make sure that you know and have exactly what you need to live. If you’re planning to live with people, then that sentiment is even truer. What does each person need regarding space? Do people need somewhere close to store a vehicle? Do you need space to store bikes or scooters? Should there be some bedrooms all the same size to ensure that there’s no squabbling about rent? If you make sure you know in advance what each person is seeking, then you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to making sure that you get the right house for your needs.

Get All The Documents You Need

When you’re going to move in, you should have all of the documents safely stored and within your grasp. Make sure you have a copy of the tenancy agreement, and that you have the numbers you may require, such as those for the landlord and also information about your rights as someone who’s going to be renting a property.

Overall, these are just a few of the top tips that could help you when it comes to renting and finding student accommodation. Obviously, you want to make sure that everyone gets what they want, but you do so in a way which is straightforward and secure. As you obviously do not want to be removed from the property within the first week and find yourself on the streets, it’s essential that you make sure you find the best possible property for you.

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